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Current Projects and Research

I try to keep this information up-to-date but sometimes fall behind.


Fluid Flow Around Deformable Objects
The goal of this project is to attempt to control the formation of vortices in the wake of a cylinder (i.e. in the von Karman vortex street) by deforming the object. Initially, this will be done with fluid flow around a circular cylinder. The cylinder will be deformed, i.e. made more oblong, in hopes of affecting the Reynolds number enough to match a pre-determined Strouhal number.

Computational Geometry
An investigation into modern meshing algorithms and techniques. Particular attention is given to the field of parallel mesh generation to determine if recent advancements in GPGPU computing can provide additional benefit to this field.


Restaraunt Selector
I am currently programming an Android app in my spare time with plans to port it to other platforms in the future. The app assists in selecting a location to eat by randomly selecting for you. It also allows the user to conduct surveys by sending out a small list of restaraunts to friends, allowing them to vote on a selection.

PyChat is an easy to use chat client/server application. It incorporates a MySQL database (optional) to store allowed user's information. If you have no user database anyone with your server address and information about which port to send messages to can connect to your chat channel. The messages will be encrpyted using the RSA encryption algorithm for secure message passing. The chat application is open source and fully customizable. Currently there are two modules necessary to run the app: a server running on a single machine and the client interface. There is also an command line tool for PyChat administration currently in the works but is not necessary to use the app.

I know it doesn't look like much, but this site (LT) is being built as a custom CMS. The data for each page/post (text, figures, etc.) is stored in a database and on the web server. When a user navigates to a particular page a PHP API is called to query the database and return the proper values based on a page ID. From that, a custom web page is created and displayed to the user.

Date Science

Lending Club/FolioFN
Using data from foliofn (API) I am applying various machine learning techniques to determine if a loan currently listed on LendingClub will miss a payment at anytime. Based on the current data a borrower who misses a payment only has a 11.8% change of continuing payment. This will help find healthier loans to invest in on LendingClub.

Success in Mathematics
A project for the Mathematics and Computer Science department at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology to determine which factors play the most vital role in undergraduate success in mathematics and which departmental programs are helping the students most.